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The Hitachi Starboard FXTRIO-77
Interactive Whiteboard, For US sale only
This interactive white board does NOT need or use a Wii remote control or an IR pen. It is able to pick up a finger, a stylus, a “fake” marker, or any object that comes into the touch area. This whiteboard is “top-of the line”, and includes pre-made educational software tools, and lesson planning tools. We have personally tested these boards and they were our choice for the only one to include in the web-site at this time. However, we have access to several major manufacturers of white-boards and other educational technologies, (stay tuned for more). If you have a need please contact us and let us see if we can help.
Quoted from The Big book of AV:

16 function buttons
Control using multi-touch
Responds to fingers and pens
Electronics free surface
All electronics in a replaceable sensor
Imports Microsoft Office files
Hand writing recognition
Variety of digital inks
Exports note to various file formats
Educator resources and content
Search engine integration

Display Aspect Ratio 4:3

Coordinate Resolution approx. 55 lpl

Tracking speed: approx. 100 points/sec.

PC Interface USB 1.1 or USB 2.0

Function Buttons: 16

Demensions 69.4”(W) x 55.4”(H)x2.7”(D)

Weight: 61.7 lbs.

Power Consumption: 5V, 500 mA

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

 (Tablet PC, 64bit and Server Edition are

   Currently not supported)

  Mac OS X 1.4, 10.5, 10.6

A computer is required but not included.

A projector and a computer are required if you do not select

the bundle.

Starboard only or Stimulus Combo
For complete information and specification
you can go to Hitachi’s website by clicking