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There are always new and exciting things going on here at Whalebone IR and Software. We are still trying to find a manufacturer for our pens. We have found a reseller of projectors and high end interactive whiteboards, and we always interested in attending teacher conferences, and DIY events. Our pens are also for sale on ebay, and we are looking into selling document cameras and classroom response systems too. Follow us on Facebook by joining the group: Wii Interactive White Board.

As you may know by now, we produce FREE, funny videos about algebra for YouTube, and TeacherTube, and publish the power points and other resources used in the videos. In short we care deeply about education and want to be able to keep providing these resources. It is only by selling items that we can continue to produce these video, or create free software that we distribute with our IR pens. If you do not need a pen yourself, please consider finding a worthy teacher or school and gifting a pen to them.