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The Amazing, Mark 6 IR pen.


Thank you for your interest in the Mark 6 IR pen. This pen has sold over 150 units. And was the least expensive IR pen for sale in the world. Unfortunately, we can no longer find the toy car that this item is based on, and since we have no raw materials to work with, we are retiring this unit, but fear not, we will soon have the mark 7 IR pen available. It will be about the same size and price point but we will have custom circuit boards made and as long as we have customers who want to buy it we should be able to sell our Mark 7 IR pen for decades.

This IR pen concept went through 4
experimental stages and one other commercial release before we settled on this design. In fact it began its life as a toy car which had one button for forward and one button for reverse. Starting in this way we saved a lot of money over buying separate battery holders, buttons or a custom designed case, although we are working on a custom designed case now.

The mark 6 has been called “A little Hocky” but even the customer who said that followed in up with, “but it works great.” the stem is wrapped in two layers of electrical tape to keep the electronics away from anyone who gets too curious. It works better than most pens because the IR LED is designed to point directly at the Wii remote control that needs to see it and because it includes a current limiting resistor. That means that it’s battery life will be far better then any pen on the market that does not have a resistor.

Three things you need:


If you already have a Wii-remote and already have a large display, like projector, then you need just three more things to create your own Wii Interactive white board. You need:


  • An IR pen, such as this Mark 6, or my Sword II.
  • A Bluetooth dongle to connect the Wii remote to your PC.
  • Smoothboard 2.0 Software to interpret the data and let you draw lines, or mouse your computer.