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Check out these amazing free and

Low-cost resources for fun or for

Your classroom:



Free fluid dynamics simulator

This one is GORGEOUS.



PBS Kids:

Excellent educational games staring some of your kid’s favorite TV characters:




2D physics simulation:



PC Theremin Emulator:

Free musical instrument.

Make creepy music with your wall, like the Sci. Fi.

Films and radio programs of the 1950s.

Click here for instant download



Free math games:



School House Rock

The cartoon math musicals that taught me to multiply.



Google Earth

Explore your home planet. You can even zoom in on your own home.



Play With your Mind

If you are just bored, or want a cute game of skill for your party, go here:




This site is very impressive. It is totally free, and very tightly aligned to state and USA content standards. It also has resources to enroll and track the progress of an entire class.



Do you know some  great free resources?

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Does Smoothboard have a version for Machintosh computers?

Yes. There are some small differences in features, but Smoothboard does now exist as a native Macintosh application and it works great!


How far away from the screen should the Wii Remote be?

About twice as far as the screen is high. If your screen is 4 feet tall, your Wii-mote should be 8 feet away for maximum effectiveness, but it can work quite well at other distances too.


Can this work with a Laser Pointer?

Not really, you would need an Infra-red laser pointer with a 940 nano-meter wave length. That would make your laser dot invisible, and these types of lasers are expensive. We do offer a product called the IR Source. If you check out this video, you will see that it gives the laser pointer like functioning that you seek:



The targets on the calibraton screen are being activated, but I’m not doing anything, what’s going on?

There is probably stray sunlight hitting your display surface in view of the Wii-mote. Make sure you are in a shaded room. Sorry you may need to buy heavier curtains to use the system  during the day, if you are having this problem. There is now way that we can take the heat out of sunshine.


So, this means I can’t use the system outside accept at night, after the sun has gone down, right?

Right, but once the sun is gone, PARTY. Shine you projector onto the side of a building, calibrate, and do harmless, full motion, full color graffiti.


Can I try?

Yes, if you llive in the Los Angeles area or catch me at a trade show I love to let adults and children take the system for a whirl. There are no tricks here. With a little training anyone can use this system very effectively.


What is everything I need to get going, are there any extras that it would be nice to have?

You need:


An IR pen.


A Wii-remote control, not a whole Wii-system. You can buy them separately, new or used.


Bluetooth communication in your computer, or added to your computer.


Whiteboard software, such as Smoothboard, Wii-mote Whiteboard, Java Wii board.


A digital projector. You can use your HD TV but it might get scratches, so don’t.  Buy a projector. They are useful for a LOT of things.


You might want:


A bracket to hang the wii-remote from  your ceiling or to attach it to you projector.


A permanent power solution for your Wii-remote, so that you don’t have to keep changing the batteries.


Rechargeable batteries and battery charger for the batteries in your IR pen, and / or your Wii-remote.


A hand held graphics tablet so that you can write on the board from anywhere in the room. ALL other presentation technologies are compatible with this system, as far as I have ever seen, document cameras, classroom polling / quizzing systems, internet videos, etc.


Can I follow you on twitter , linkIn or facebook, etc.?

Well I do not “tweet” a lot but we do have a twitter account, and linkIn account and a facebook group.


  Twitter: shakespeare1212

      ebay: shakespeare1212

YouTube: shakespeare1612

Facebook: James McLain


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