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This is the tiny little device that makes all of the magic happen. An L.E.D. or light emitting diode is basically a little light bulb for a direct current electronic circuit. Current will flow and the light will go on in one direction and current will be blocked and the light will not go on if the LED is wired in reverse. This is THE same exact model LED that Johny Chung Lee himself used in the IR pens that he created for his whiteboard board videos (3.4 million views and counting). For all of it’s usefulness, you will not see visible light coming from this LED. It shines with a light that is way out of your visual range. When you install this LED in your project, make sure to put the negative wire (or lead) facing the negative of your battery pack, and the positive wire or lead facing the positive side of your battery. If you do not do this it is called "reverse biasing" and your LED will not work. This item should only be purchased if you know something about electronics and would like to make your own IR light based project. Have fun, and please send us pictures.

All units are tested and working perfectly before I ship them, and are packed with great care.
5 mm LED
940 nano meters (nm)
Package Type
T - 1 3/4
Angle of half intensity
+/-    25 degrees
Only $0.99 plus $1.50 shipping